Maeve Gilchrist online concert Feb 14

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    Allison Stevick on #185527

    Hey all, I just heard about this and thought I’d share for anyone else who’s interested. 🙂 Maeve Gilchrist is one of my favorite harpists.

    She is doing an online concert Feb 14 at 4 pm EST. Here’s the link to get your “pay what you want” tickets.

    70% of proceeds go straight to the artist, and there are rewards for any tips you give (kind of like kickstarter rewards). It looks like fun!

    (I have no affiliation with Maeve Gilchrist, just a fan of her work.) 🙂

    Allison Stevick on #185596

    Just a follow-up to this–

    The concert/workshop was awesome! Maeve played several tunes, sang some songs, gave tips and tricks for different techniques, etc, answered lots of questions from everyone who tuned in. I actually learned a lot in the hour, and it was really enjoyable.
    Added bonus: this may become a regular thing! Several people asked for more, and Maeve said that it might be possible to do this monthly or something along those lines.
    Anyway, it was a great way to spend an hour today!

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