Lyon & Healy trade in experiences

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    tracey-kjonegaard on #185310

    Hi Everyone!
    I was curious if anyone had experience with trading in their harps to Lyon & Healy? Do they tend to offer you a fair trade in value and do they negotiate at all? Anyone have experience, good OR bad?


    Sid Humphreys on #185311

    I traded in my 3 year old 40 string Daphne towards the purchase of a 23. I was credited almost the full amount that I paid for it, of course it had never been moved and was still under warranty. They did this sight unseen (took my word for it). I probably could have negotiated the price of my harp down a bit but didn’t know that was even possible.
    GOOD experience!

    Sonya Wiley on #185329

    From my experience they don’t negotiate! i tried; but I was not trading in. She as much told me they don’t do that.

    balfour-knight on #185499

    Tracey and Sid, I had a good experience trading in, through The Atlanta Harp Center, with Lyon & Healy. They gave me full value on my previous harp, and a good allowance on the transport cover set. All in all, it was a very pleasant experience.

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