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    unknown-user on #167720

    Hello, everyone!

    I’m about two months, maybe a bit less, into harp lessons, and I really enjoy it. I’m very
    glad I’ve taken up this hobby, and hope to maybe even make it my career, because I love
    the sound of the harp, and just the over all being of it. It’s wonderful.

    Here’s the thing: I have a 29-string lever harp. It doesn’t say what brand it’s made by, so I
    have no clue, but the other day at my lesson, my teacher noticed that my right hand was
    being brought up too high on the strings. I’m supposed to play in the middle of the
    strings, but the harp is smaller, which, when doing four-finger drills (C-D-E-F, raise) [I’m
    studying the Salzedo technique], causes my right hand (thumb) to come up higher than it
    should on the strings.

    Since my harp is smaller, and my teacher insists that I do not sit on the floor, I have to
    place the harp on something such as an ottoman or chair to level it with me, then play. So
    during the last lesson, after noticing this problem, finally suggested that I move to a
    bigger harp. This problem could be resolved by lowering my seating position, or raising
    the harp, but she thinks I’m at the age where I’m old enough to move on to something
    bigger, like a floor-harp, preferably lever (since I’m still a beginner and what-not)

    She suggested the Lyon & Healy Troubadour V as a predominant option. But I really like
    the Prelude. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t think my parents are in a financial place where
    they cannot afford it, so I MIGHT be able to afford the Prelude. I think they see that I’m
    interested in the harp, because I ramble on and on about it all the time.

    Here’s my question:

    Which would you guys recommend for me? Troubadour or Prelude? What are their
    qualities? Similarities? Is one better than the other in certain areas?

    Also, what’s the difference between the Lyon & Healy Prelude and the Salvi Ana? Is one
    better than the other?

    Thanks for those of you who take time to answer! You’re a big help! 🙂

    brook-boddie on #167721


    First of all, congratulations on taking up the harp!

    unknown-user on #167722


    Thanks for your advice. 🙂 We don’t live anywhere near the Lyon & Healy factory, nor any
    harp dealers, so our only choice (aside from traveling hours upon hours) was to buy/rent
    through the internet. I’ve done a lot of research on both the Troubadour and the Prelude,
    and have found that they are basically the same harp, just constructed differently, and one
    with two more strings.

    We decided to go with the Prelude. My dad purchased a used L&H Prelude (Mahogany)
    from the company, and it should be delivered by tomorrow night. I can’t wait, seriously!
    I’m so excited about it.

    But we didn’t purchase it so lightly. We had them make sure the harp was in excellent
    condition (like they claimed), had everything it was supposed to, and everything else. So,
    after hours of talking on the phone with them, we finally bought it.

    Thanks for your advice, though! I was very, very close to buying a Troubadour V, but we
    decided not to. So, we’ll know how the harp’s turned out by tomorrow, hopefully!

    brook-boddie on #167723


    That’s awesome news!

    unknown-user on #167724

    I bought my Prelude over the phone from the Lyon & Healy Company (not L&H West, the
    one in Chicago). I got a Mahogany finish. I would have gotten it with the decorated
    soundboard, but that option wasn’t available. Nevertheless, it’s still a stunningly beautiful

    Congrats on the Christmas party! I’ve heard many, many great things about the Prelude,
    and I hope it lives up to its word. 🙂

    unknown-user on #167725

    Hey cameron, I know you’ve made your decision, but just wanted to say the Prelude is a fantastic harp.

    unknown-user on #167726

    So tell us about your new harp! I’ve played several troubadors and just one Prelude. I prefered the look and sound of the Prelude. To me it seemed to sound and feel more “live”. I know some may prefer the troubador since all of us like different qualities in instruments. The only thing I didn’t like about the prelude is the weight of the instrument.

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