Lyon & Healy Chicago Concert Grand

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    Autumn Wonderlich on #75146

    I am planning on buying a Lyon & Healy Chicago Concert Grand with the extended soundboard and was wondering if anyone has heard/played one? Just wondering if it sounds as good as more expensive pedal harps..

    Any comments would help.

    Thanks, Autumn

    brook-boddie on #75147


    I can’t comment on the extended soundboard model of this series, but I recently purchased the 40-string straight board model.

    barbara-low on #75148

    I played an extended board Chicago a few months back. Thought it was a great sounding harp; even throughout, responsive, good tone for being new. That being said, It’s always best to try a harp out before buying though, as all harps have their own “personality.”

    One reason for more expensive concert grands is the amount of man hours expended on carving and/or gilding, so cost doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of sound.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #75151

    I have one, but I’m not sure I want to sell it. What you can do is commission a portrait from an artist who can work from a photograph.

    Autumn Wonderlich on #75149

    Thanks everyone for the comments!

    I actually got a Chicago yesterday and it sounds great! It sounds just as good as more expensive pedal harps. So far the few minutes that it stays in tune the songs sound amazing!


    David Ice on #75152

    I’m fortunate enough to have an original (via Marjorie Call) full length portrait of Salzedo standing next to a Salzedo model.

    brook-boddie on #75150

    Congratulations on your new harp, Autumn!

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