Lyon & Healy box available (used)

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    Andrea Fineman on #253451

    Would anyone like my box that my Lyon & Healy 85CG came in? I understand these are pretty expensive to purchase new. You can have mine (it’s used of course) for free. I’m in San Francisco.

    le_sacre on #253770

    Congrats on your new 85CG! I’m in SF as well (Hi neighbor!), and didn’t find anyone particularly interested in my full-size carton last year. I wound up putting it on craigslist for free and somebody picked it up for some use having to do with animals.

    You could call Harps Etc. in Walnut Creek… I don’t think they will pick it up, but if you have access to a vehicle large enough to transport it they might accept it as a drop-off?

    It’s sort of a shame since it is an item with some value, but it’s just so infrequently people need them. I think my teacher had some idea for community storage that sounded like a natural to me. Anyway, I hope the timing works out for you and you make someone’s day!

    Hope you enjoy your new instrument!

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