Lyon and Healy Style 17

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    John Hantla on #69408

    Hello. I’m new to this forum and Harp Column, so I hope this post is within the posting guidelines. I am a non-musician and I have a Lyon and Healy Style 17 harp. It was my mothers and is in excellent condition. It is a 90th Anniversary model with an engraved plaque that states 90th Anniversary

    kay-lister on #69409

    Hi John,

    I would contact L&H and give them the serial # of the harp (on the brass plate).

    patricia-jaeger on #69410

    John, bear in mind that a for-profit company giving you an estimate of value is likely to tell you a figure less than what you might get for a sale to a private person.

    Tacye on #69411

    The harp will have several different values – insurance (for me this is replacement as new), replacement, slow sale and fast sale. In my experience the people who know are happy to discuss all of these.

    Don’t the 1970s have a reputation as a low point for L&H?

    catherine-rogers on #69412

    I sold a harp just like this last year. I bought it new and it was excellent from the first, perhaps because it was a higher end model and that was an anniversary year for Lyon & Healy. I paid a qualified harp technician for an appraisal, which gave me a base price from which to decide what I would accept (always lower than appraised value) so I could place an ad. The best place to list a harp for sale is the Harp Column website classifieds. My harp found a very good home with two fine harpists to play it, which is what was most important to me.

    John Hantla on #69413

    Thanks everyone for your replies. My mom bought it new and it’s in excellent shape. I live in western Iowa. Any thoughts on how to find an appraiser? There isn’t a harp teacher in the area. I talked to someone at L & H about value and they referred me here.

    We want to sell it as it is sitting unused in a spare bedroom instead of making music.

    Sylvia on #69414


    catherine-rogers on #69415

    Check with the harpist who plays in the nearest professional orchestra. He or she will know which harp techs come through town and when, or where the nearest one is located. You may have to drive the harp to the tech but it will be worth it.

    Margaret Atkinson on #69416

    Where are you located in Iowa my cousin is in Cedar Rapids and could drop by and take a lot of pictures of the important parts of a harp that could go south when left for years.

    Maria Myers on #69417

    This Margaret Atkinson has only posted this one time, and to me her post sounds like a scam in the works.


    Margaret Atkinson on #69418

    That is very insulting … Look at my web site 4HARPMUSIC.COM You sound like the scam…..

    Maria Myers on #69419

    The original poster asked for an estimated value of his harp, not a bunch of photos taken by strangers of its parts.

    Gretchen Cover on #69420


    You may want to call Ed Galchick.

    John Hantla on #69421

    Thanks for all the good suggestions. I live in Sioux City, which is western Iowa. Cedar Rapids is about 5 hours east. I last had the harp serviced about 5 years ago by a Lyon and Healy tech. It has been virtually unplaced since then. I just want to make sure I can confidently state its condition. Externally it looks brand new. I have been so busy I haven’t given this project the time it needs.

    Radha Botofasina on #69422

    I own a 90th Birthday style 17.

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