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    Chris Litton

    I recently purchased a Lyon and Healy harp in poor condition. I was told it was made in the 1890’s. It came in a wooden crate with the #’s 4679-23 on it. It is missing the bow and most of the strings and the column is broke. What would one of these sell for and where can I find an archive to locate this harp. I can send pics if anyone can help me out. Thank You.




    Lyon and Healy maintain records of their harps. Phone

    Harp Museum


    Your harp is a Lyon and Healy Style 23 in natural finish. It was made June 1956. Two natural 23’s were built at this same time, #4678 and #4679.

    Harp Museum

    If your harp has a different serial number than what is on the trunk you can locate it on the brass action plate.

    Chris Litton

    Thanks for the replies. No bow…hah. Im an amateur. There is no brass plate on it. I will contact the company and see what they have to say. Just looking at the harp and the product Lyon and Healy put out, i dont think its a genuine Lyon and Healy harp. Anyhow the wooden case it came in is cool. Just needs restores. I cant complain for a $20 purchase!


    The other place to look for a seial number is stamped into the base – but a serial number means more once you know the maker.


    You got your money’s worth. It will make a nice display piece. Reconstructing it will cost thousands.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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