Lyon and Healy: “folk harp” vs. ” Ogden”

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    unknown-user on #159947

    Lyon and Healy: “folk harp” vs. ” Ogden”
    What is the difference?

    anita-burroughs-price on #159948

    There are several differences. One is that the Ogden has

    rod-wagoner on #159949

    Does that mean that the Ogden is getting away from the idea of a smaller L&H being just a step to a pedal harp?

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #159950

    I don’t see any connection there. Whether one steps up or not has little to do with the levers. Maybe you are thinking of the Prelude, which is close in size and style to a small pedal harp.

    elinor-niemisto on #159951

    I believe the Ogden was designed to replace the “Folk Harp” for two reasons:

    tony-morosco on #159952

    The Ogden still has the same tension and spacing as the folk harp, which was very close to most Pedal harps. So it still very much fills that niche of a lever harp that feels somewhat close to a pedal harp.

    And although some are saying the Ogden is strung with gut but I thought, and the Sylvia Woods web site suggests, that it is actually strung with both Gut and Nylon. The folk harp also is strung with Gut and Nylon and not just nylon, although the stringing instructions at Sylvia Woods does show that the Ogden has more gut strings than the Folk Harp which has them just in the very middle of the range.

    Apparently the Ogden has nylon in the 1st and 2nd octaves and gut in the 3rd through 5th octaves, which seems like a nice spread and closer to how most people string pedal harps.

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