Lyon and Healy 85 E

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    madeline-davis–2 on #76921

    I’m a harp student looking to purchase a pedal harp for as low as I can, and am thus looking used. I’ve seen an ad for an 85 E, and would like to hear what other harpist’s experience has been with this particular harp. Thank you all for your help and suggestions, I really appreciate it!


    kay-lister on #76922

    Hi Madeline,

    I have an 85 E Concertino (47stgs) that I bought from L&H 4 years ago and I WOULDN’T TRADE IT FOR THE WORLD!! It was a year old and looked like it came directly from the showroom floor. It is 78 lbs and looks a little smaller when next to the concert grand, but I’m telling you, the sound CAN compete. My instructor and I have played duets together at times and she is either on her 23 or Salzedo and we are very well balanced. It was/is my harp dream come true. GOOD LUCK!


    kay-lister on #76923


    Just google Kay Lister new harp pictures, and in an old harp column post, you’ll see my harps (have a Swan too) and me.


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