Lotus led music stand light

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    cyndee-casey on #68111

    Does anyone have this light, if so is it worth the money and does it greatly improve the lighting on your sheet music? It comes in two different sizes 17 and 34 leds (big one seems overkill) but that is why I am asking for advice. I am always struggling to position the lights at my home on my music and thought this may be a good solution. I like the fact that it is cordless and you just have to charge it occasionally and it lasts for many hours of use. I thought it would be a nice Xmas gift for my husband to get for me. If you have a better brand suggestion please let me know. Thank you, Cyndee

    barbara-brundage on #68112

    I have it, but frankly I prefer the mighty bright orchestral light. It’s half the price, puts out more light, and you can change the batteries or run it with electricity. It also has two light levels. However, my lotus light is the older version, so possibly they’re better now. There’s also an LED klip lite, which is less expensive than either, but not quite as bright and doesn’t last as long. I do like the fact that the lotus light will go in my anderson stand bag.

    barbara-brundage on #68113

    Sorry, edit seems to be broken at the moment.

    >you can change the batteries or run it with electricity

    I mean that on a gig if it starts to get dim, you aren’t stuck the way you are with the lotus light. You can change the batteries or plug it in, if there’s an outlet handy.

    HBrock25 on #68114

    Whoops… edit should now be fixed, sorry about that all.

    barbara-brundage on #68115

    Thanks, Hugh.

    HBrock25 on #68119

    Just making sure I can really in fact reply to one of these posts from the old site… sorry for the noise…

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #68116

    I have the 34 LED Lotus light, and I absolutely LOVE it. I just keep it plugged in to charge, and then clip it on the piano music stand at the church where I play both organ and piano on Sundays. It works beautifully to light up an entire score in a very dark corner where the piano is located. I also use it on my harp stand when I need to. Best light I have ever used.

    cyndee-casey on #68117

    Thanks for the replies. The 34 led Lotus light is the one my husband wants to get for me. Thanks Briggsie for the positive endorsement on the bigger light. My concern was that maybe it was too bright but you say it is the best. As I get older more light is better and since I am now playing pedal harp my lighting seems to be more of a problem for me because my music stand is in a different position to keep clear of those pedals. I will let you know what I think of the light after I get it. Maybe my husband will let me have it before Xmas! Cyndee

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #68118

    I think you’ll love it. Thursday evening I was at the harp in the front of the sanctuary at church for a rehearsal. That Lotus light really came in handy. The customer service is good too. When I bought mine I needed it quickly, and Gary Anderson assured me it would be here on time, and it was.

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