Lost in the Moment

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    D W on #198150

    Instructor out of town to discuss this with her but I am working on a piece that has a couple of magical points that are so lovely I just get lost in the moment.  Unfortunately, I am supposed to be doing a couple of pedal changes and of course moving to the next phrase and I find I’m just stuck because I am listening to the music and savoring the moment!  Hmmm, Am I supposed to be on the other side of the instrument?  I sure do love it from either side!

    Andelin on #199088

    I don’t have a pedal harp, so not the same problem, but sometimes I do get lost in the music!  Glad I’m not the only one.  There are some songs that actually make me cry when I play them.


    I don’t have any advice, just sympathy, I guess!  I think with more practice it will come. 🙂  Not the worst problem to have, overall. 🙂

    balfour-knight on #199137

    I love this thread!  I also get “lost in the moment,” just ask my sweet wife, ha, ha!  I still feel that the harp is the most beautiful instrument in existence, even after all these years of playing it.  Andelin, here’s wishing that you can get a pedal harp very soon.  I wish I could just send you one!

    Best wishes and harp hugs,


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