Looking into harp for my daughter…. need recommended reading material

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    unknown-user on #167001


    My daughter is 8 going on 9 and is very interested in playing the
    harp. I am thinking a lever harp would be good to start on. She is
    interested in Classical harp. Where can I find good books, which
    magazine should I subscribe to, etc…. I need to know everything I can!

    donna-benier on #167002

    Try to find a good harp teacher in your area. She/he will have many books in mind to help Angela get started.

    unknown-user on #167003

    Check out the American Harp Society website at http://www.harpsociety.org.
    As a member of the AHS you and your daughter will have access to all
    kinds of information about teachers, instruments, activities,
    conferences, etc.

    unknown-user on #167004

    Dear Angela Ford,

    unknown-user on #167005

    Everything that everyone has said above is great advice. I think renting if readily available in your area is a great idea, while your daughter gets the feel for the harp and you talk to people about what instrument may be right for her in the long term. Joining the local chapter of

    barbara-brundage on #167006

    Since the original post is five years old, I would expect that by now the daughter is in conservatory or a session band or something! 🙂

    unknown-user on #167007

    Oh that is so funny! Whoops! I didn’t check the date on the original post…silly me. well, I can blame it on the gal before me for resurrecting it…but yes, they probably have well and truly sorted it by now, and if not…well, my advice aint gonna help any…

    Sorry gang

    Still laughing..

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