Looking For Webber’s ‘Pie Jesu’

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    HBrock25 on #149939


    I am a violinist, but work a lot with a harpist (mainly weddings.) Recently I played the ‘Pie Jesu’ on violin with the church bell choir and thought it would also sound nice with harp. I’ve seen it at various websites for harp (as a part of a collection,) and sheetmusicplus has it for piano solo in G.

    I know little about the instrument, but was hoping some folks here could help steer me (i.e. another web source I could look into, harp-friendly keys, or if I should post this in another forum…)



    kay-lister on #149940

    Hi Bradford,

    I know it is in a the Andrew Lloyd Webber book by Sylvia Woods (harp music). I’m sure there are others out there as well for harp and possibly for 2 or more instruments as well.

    Bradford Athey on #149941

    Thanks, Kay!

    Yes, I’ve seen the Wood’s book on several sites. I guess they are nice arrangements, but not sure. Is G major a good key for harp?

    I’ll try Googling harp and flute.

    This is a new world for me here!

    – Brad

    kay-lister on #149942


    Any key is good for the pedal harp.

    Bradford Athey on #149943

    Hi Kay,

    Wow. I’m not sure which her harp is…it is a grand concert harp – if that helps. pedal, I think?? She’s hard to get a hold of, or I’d ask her now.

    I can play in pretty much any key. Actually, most of the music we use (when there IS a solo part written,) is for flute and harp. On other tunes I just play the top line of her part (i.e. Ave Maria,) which sounds fine too.

    ‘Plain and simple’…hmmm…that actually might be best for us. If anything, I am the one who ad-libs in the stuff we do.

    Thanks again for the good info!

    – Brad

    Bradford Athey on #149944

    I went ahead and downloaded the piano part from sheetmusicdirect…in C. We’ll see how that goes.

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