looking for Waterfall?

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    michelle-winston on #190224

    I played a piece several years ago: I thought it was called Waterfall. Descending arpeggios: starting the C above middle C: C, A, F, D (then same in left hand next octave) then D, C, A, F, then F, D, C, A (these are ascending). It went up a few more chords, then descended. I think it was in F. Can anyone help?

    Gretchen Cover on #190225

    There is a piece called “Echoes of a Waterfall” by John Thomas.

    Aria on #190238

    The song you seek is called “The Little Fountain” by Samuel O. Pratt. It has the exact notes & sequence you describe. Lovely and Fun piece. And an amazing finger work-out!

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