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    I am self taught and have been playing for years, and play almost entirely Irish/traditional. Is there anyone who teaches in NW Connecticut who specializes in traditional? I play from sheet, not by ear. Feel free to PM me. Thank you!


    Deb, if you print Folk Harp Journal in Google or Bing or another search engine, you will see the home page of that popular harp magazine. Under the heading Chapters, keep scrolling down and you will come to Connecticut, but only Eastern Connecticut chapter! However, the contact person is Kate Smith and her e-address is right there. She must certainly know how to refer you to a traditional teacher, and if that one is too far, ask her for another name and contact. If there simply isn’t one to be found, then you may need to go to the next state north or west of you and go back to Folk Harp Journal, Chapters, and try for a teacher nearer to you in another state, than one in eastern Connecticut. Another option is to purchase 1 copy of that Journal, and e-mail the editor because there is a list of all subscribers at the publisher. Perhaps one is near you, and if that person is taking lessons, he/she might recommend that teacher to you.
    Do keep trying, and let us know if you succeed! Some people study by use of Skype, even across oceans. It has much improved since it was first invented.


    Thank you Patricia! I think I would really enjoy a subscription to folk harp journal, and this is a good excuse to subscribe and for the encouragement to keep trying to find a teacher that specializes in folk. I thought skype did not work well for lessons due to delays but it sounds like that has changed. I will start with Kate Smith. I’ve self taught for so long it will be a huge adjustment to change bad habits and work on assignments rather than what I want, but I do need someone to show properly how it’s done.


    Deb, a very good teacher from Australia now teaches in Vancouver B.C., Canada. She still teaches her former students in Australia, using Skype. You could e-mail Tegan at the address below to ask her about Skype and how it is set up, etc.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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