Looking for Suzuki Harp Teacher — KC Area

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    unknown-user on #88661

    Does anyone know of a Suzuki harp teacher in the Kansas City area?

    My 5-year old wants lessons.

    unknown-user on #88662

    I teach Suzuki Harp in Ohio.

    emily-granger on #88663

    Hey! Phyllis Hoffman teaches in Lenexa, KS. I take from her and I live in Kansas City. Shes a wonderful teacher!

    unknown-user on #88664

    Hi, Emily.

    unknown-user on #88665

    If you want my advice, just try to find a good teacher, and don’t worry about if they are Suzuki or not. If you want to help your child practice, just make that part of your lessons, your understanding with the teacher.

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