Looking for Pedal Harp Teacher in NYC/Westchester area

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    lauren.crochet on #194246


    I’d like to know if there are any pedal harp teachers in the NYC/Westchester county area that I could possibly study for a few lessons or so.

    I currently play the lever harp, and have no intention of stopping with my current teacher. Right now, I am not financially able to get a pedal harp, or I would be able to have my teacher pay house visits.(she knows and can teach pedal harp, she just does not have one anymore) I would like to minor in music at my college, which I am strongly encouraged to get some lessons on the pedal harp, by the head of the harp department.

    If anyone can give me any information, or direct me in the correct direction, that would be great! Anything is helpful at this moment!

    Adrienne Knauer on #194255

    Hi Lauren!

    I am from Westchester, NY and used to study with two great teachers there. The first is Lois Colin who lives in Larchmont and runs the Westchester Harp Ensemble. Her e-mail address is loiscolin13@gmail.com. I also took lessons with Alyssa Reit who lives in Mahopac and teaches at Hunter College in NYC. Her e-mail address is alyssa@alyssareit.com.

    Good luck!


    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #194326

    I was just going to mention Lois Colin, but I know both of them. Alyssa was the first harpist (and only) to welcome me to New York.

    lauren.crochet on #194353

    Thank you so much!! I actually was able to sort things out! Thank you so very much!

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