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    Has anyone played in a trio? I have been booked to play in one for a wedding next year and we need some sheet music suggestions! I’m having a hard time finding music written for such a combination. If you played in a trio, did you just take your own music and collaborate with them that way? I’m sure we could work something out for common wedding pieces like Canon in D among others, but some different pieces might be nice. Any suggestions would be welcome!

    Gretchen Cover

    Sharon Watson has most of her music arranged for trio. You can go to any of the harp sites that sell music, ie:,,, and do a keyword search. I believe music for flute parts can be played by violin. I have a number of duets that say for flute or violin.


    Two collections published by Herald Music and carried by many harp music dealers might be useful. Folk Harp With a Friend, and Familiar Hymns With a Friend (the latter including a CD) have parts for harp and string quartet but are quite effective with just harp, violin, and cello. If the violinist is competent, he/she could use double-stops, combining Violin 1 and Violin 2, for richer effect.


    Maybe some of the Krumpholz sonatas for harp, violin and ‘cello would be useful. They’re available as free downloads from Petrucci:,_Op.12_(Krumpholz,_Jean-Baptiste)


    I have the Opera Tryptic arranged by F Seeman. It is very nice. I love O mio Babbino and the Flower Duet. The Bizet Carmen Intermezzo would be nice too. My arrangement is for fl/harp/viola but I am sure a cellist could adapt it.


    Henriette Renie wrote a trio for Harp (or Piano), violin, and cello. I have the edition published by Rouhier in Paris but notice it is not in the major catalogues for harp music, probably because it is now in public domain! If you go to and type in: Renie, Henriette, about 5 items from the top is the Trio. Looking through my copy I see that it is in four movements: Allegro Risoluto, Scherzo, Andante, and Final. Probably the Andante movement would stand alone quite well, but the whole work is at advanced level for all three players. My copy, that I regrettably have never played, was given to me by Albertina Flack Weygandt who studied with Tournier in France and Grazielle Pampari in Illinois. Mrs. Weygandt was formerly harpist with Chicago Lyric Opera before moving to Seattle, Washington.

    Trio for Harp or Piano, Violin and Cello (Renié, Henriette) – IMSLP ……/Trio_for_Harp_or_Piano,_Violin_and_Cello_(Renié,_H…

    Jul 16, 2011 – Trio for Harp or Piano, Violin and Cello (Renié, Henriette). Free public domain sheet music from IMSLP / Petrucci Music Library.

    Lynne Abbey-Lee

    There’s a Glinka Romance for violin, cello, and harp, available at Lyra Music. Intermediate level at most – it’s pretty sight-readable.


    Hi Elena,

    I have published arrangements of Bridal Chorus/Wedding March, Jesu/Hornpype, and Clair de lune arranged for harp with 1 – 3 instruments. They would all work well for your wedding; they are intermediate level and not difficult. Lyon and Healy and Vanderbilt carry them.

    Gretchen Cover

    Brian, I went to the Vanderbilt site and could not find your music using your name. Could you tell us the name of the book you published?


    Debussy is listed under harp, flute, and strings, or just do a site search under “Clair de lune”. If you do a site search under “Wagner”, the Bridal Chorus and Wedding March will pop up. Same for “Handel Hornpype”. They’re easily found on (Lyon and Healy) also. Each arrangment will say, for example, Debussy/arr. Noel.

    Jan Jennings

    Faith Carman published some arrangements (as the Chamber Collection by FC Publishing Company) for flute, cello, and harp years ago when she was running FC Publishing. The company is out of business, but perhaps Vanderbilt has picked them up as they took over the Pop Series by FC Publishing. I have “First Arabesque” (Debussy), “Humming Chorus” (Puccini), and “Andante in C” (Mozart) for that trio. Hopefully you can still find them. They were very nice, but not super easy (not sight readable).


    In addition to all the great suggestions already mentioned, I’ve had good luck with Music for Three, which you can find here: []( There are a bunch of different volumes, designed to work with 2 treble clef instruments, one bass clef instrument, and optional keyboard. By using the keyboard part, you can usually leave out one of the other parts, so it works for many combinations. It’s all transcriptions of classics, which would be suitable for any wedding/background gig. The keyboard parts can be tricky, but since they’re transcriptions I don’t mind leaving things out (or “improvising”) that don’t work on the harp.

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