Looking for Henriette Renie’s Classiques de la harpe, Volume VII

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    chad-song on #61353

    I’m looking for Volume 7 of Classiques de la Harpe. This book has transcriptions by the famous french harpist: Henriette Renie. There are 12 Volumes all published by Alphonse Leduc in Paris, France. I can’t seem to find the 7th Volume of this Series. I’m looking for it because I want to play Schumann’s L’oiseau Pophète. If anyone finds other volumes that could be useful to me too. I need Volume 8 and 9 too.
    Thank you very much for your assistance.
    Chad 🙂

    barbara-brundage on #61354

    She doesn’t list volume 7, but International Music (lyramusic.com) lists 8 and 9 in their catalog. If you contact them, ask about 7. They may have a leftover copy somewhere.

    patricia-jaeger on #61355

    Try some European harp music dealers., since not all French compositions are imported to the U.S.A. because of expense. Also, look at piano sheet music of ” The Bird as Prophet”, widely available here,. and see if you can adapt it for the harp. My edition of that Schumann work is violin and piano , copyright 1913, transcribed by Leopold Auer, published by J.H. Zimmermann, in Leipzig. The company is now in Frankfurt:
    e-mail: info@zimmermann-frankfurt.de, or FAX: 069-978286-79.

    chad-song on #61356

    Dear Barbara and Patricia,
    A quick notes of thanks, to you both for your sound advice!

    Barbara, now that I am home for the holidays, I will contact lyramusic.com and order all three volumes.

    Patricia, I will also contact Leduc and Zimmerman, to ask them if they can help me in my search. Unfortunately for me, I am horrible at transcribing works for harp. I’ve tried before and failed miserably. If anyone does make a transcription of this beautiful work by Schumann, please contact me. As you all know Schumann’s works are all in public domain.

    Warm wishes of holiday cheer.

    Chadwell Song

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