Looking for harpist’s I’ve known…

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    John Manno on #150112

    Suzanne Handel, Judy Sullivan, Robin Schulze, Kate Krahl…

    Are you out there, somewhere?

    unknown-user on #150113

    The last I heard of Suzanne Handel was that she won an orchestra position in Adelaide, Australia, if I remember correctly. I do remember that my aunt and your uncle were neighbors in the same little building in New York City.

    John Manno on #150114

    Hey Thanks!

    My uncle?? Which uncle? Hello Saul! btw….

    unknown-user on #150115

    hi John Manno!

    unknown-user on #150116

    Hi John,

    What a blast from the past. A friend pointed me to this site. I haven’t been harping professionallly for many years now. I followed Nancy Allen to the Univeristy of Michigan where I got a Masters in Music. Its a long story, but I ended up staying at Michigan and getting my Ph.D. in English. I am now a full Professor at Penn State University in State College, PA, where I live with my husband who is a Professor in the Department of History. My specialty is modernist American poetry and I’ve written some about the influence of modernist music on the poets I study.

    Where are you? Are you still harping? Kate Krahl also went the academic route. She is a teacher of highschool History in Scarsdale, NY. She is married with two lovely kids. I’m not sure if she plays anymore these days.

    My harp, I must admit, is gathering dust at the moment. Every once in a while, I get inspired to practice and play, but my professional life always seems to get in the way of a serious comeback.

    I know that Suzanne made the move to Australia some years ago, but I don’t know where she is now.

    Hi, Judy! I’m glad to see you are still in the business.

    Wow, Aspen seems like a million years ago, doesn’t it? I still have lots of great memories, however.

    Take care,

    HBrock25 on #150117

    Dear John–

    YES, I am somewhere! Specifically, in Australia! I have only recently been forced to admit that computers are here to stay so I had to haul off and get one and learn how to use it. (sort of). So I may have

    John Manno on #150118


    Good to hear from you again, and glad to hear you’re supremely successful “down under”.

    suzanne handel on #150119

    Hi again, John.

    Thanks for getting back to me. I’m now remembering you as a terrific person with lots of personality and we laughed a lot! I also remember you as having a sincere love for the harp.Those Aspen days were really wonderful!

    After lots of freelancing in New York after Juilliard, I wound up Down Under. At first I did it because it sounded like an adventure–plus we all know there are never many orch. jobs around. But

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