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    laura-palmieri on #167924

    I am seeking some really classy, neat harp t-shirts. I don’t really
    like the Blown up Harp all over the t-shirt idea, Or something
    really old fashioned. Something that a Teenager would wear to show
    off her pride of playing the harp! Harp Rocks! I would appreciate
    any suggestions! websites etc. Thanks!

    unknown-user on #167925

    There was a Lyon and Healy harp t-shirt that wasn’t too bad but I’m not sure if it’s available;

    laura-palmieri on #167926

    Hey thanks For writing a response Linda! I wrote an e-mail to Sylvia Woods web page who has that beautiful picture of a harpist on the Journel, and Asked her if I could get that picture on a T-shirt so that I can Order it. She said that the picture is from another outside source and that they dont have the artwork for it. I’m still searching for it so I’ll let you know when I find it! I found some really cute shirts of Cats playing the Harp on http://www.harpworld.com, you might like them:) But I would really like that picture from the Journel!grrrr Thanks Again!

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #167927

    There’s a business called Crafty Harps that specializes in all sorts of harp accessories.
    Try looking for it on the web.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #167928

    Contact Lori Pappajpohn at winterharp@telus.net. She has a teeshirt with a great
    picture on it of her group called Winter Harp. It consists of 3 harpists who wear
    medieval gowns, have long, wavy hair and play folk harps. She can probably send you
    a photo of it.

    unknown-user on #167929

    Try the Harpwear Store, http://www.harpwear.com.

    unknown-user on #167930

    Dear Laura,
    If you are looking for over 60 beautiful and original designs featuring the harp,
    please visit http://www.CraftyHarp.com. No other site offers the selection that we
    have. Our store is one-of-a-kind with hundreds of harp gifts and crafts. If you
    are looking for designs with rich colors AND free personalization-Take a look
    at our designs in the Gallery and I guarantee you will find many designs that
    you like!!
    Thank you,
    Wendy LeBlanc

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