Looking for GREAT arrangements? Check this out!

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    david-watson on #148418

    We just made dozens of pdf arrangements available online. Plus some are offered FREE. sharonwatsonmusic.com

    Jessica A on #148419


    laurie-rasmussen on #148420

    What a great coincidence! I had a wedding gig today with another harpist (actually there were SIX harpists for this wedding!) who played a beautiful arrangement of Musetta’s Waltz. Turns out it was arranged by Sharon Watson. It was just lovely, I think I need it!

    david-watson on #148421

    i was just pointing out some freebies.. but i hope i did not offend anyone. i just joined and i figured you all would like the chance to get something for free that was quality. i agree tho with you! i do not see this as a real threat to paid ads and everyone here is a member of the same community at the end of the day.

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