Looking for European Celtic Harpist For Paid Gigs w/ Female Alt Folk Musician. Where is the best place to look for one?

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    emaline-delapaix on #166131

    Hi there

    I am a Berlin area based Australian Alt Folk Singer Songwriter who is having a hell of a time finding harpists in Germany/close by for some casual work I am offering.
    I have met one girl so far who will play some shows but she has school so can only do some things.

    I have posted an ad in the forum here but wondered if there are other places I should be posting/looking? In England it was easy to find harpists…Maybe I have to find someone there again,

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!



    Seoid OC on #166132

    Hi Em,

    I have seen your posts and would really love to play with you except I’m in Ireland, not mainland Europe!

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