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    Peter Lapetina on #257264

    I am new to this forum. Hope everyone is doing well.
    My question(s): I inherited a Erard Freres.par Brevet d’ Invon Paris 1801 No. 35 from my great grand father via my grand father and father. I am currently working with Michael Parfett of London for acquiring parts to restore the harp to some level of completeness, not necessary for actual playing. I don’t thing the harp can withstand the strain. The other part is trying to find the harps journey from manufacture to my possession. I briefly found some information in France but the records are in French but what I was able to discern other than the harp was manufactured around 1797 and the pages in the log file had many gaps. But I can not locate that information again. Does anyone know where such information is available? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Attached is a jpg of the harp.

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