Looking for Best Harp Teacher in Bay Area, CA region

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    unknown-user on #167894

    Hello everyone! I have a big dilema! I am a harp student and have
    studied harp for over 15 years. I am looking to take my playing to
    the next level and want the very best instructor possible. I live in
    the Bay Area and must remain in this area. However, I know there are
    2 very good harp masters Linda Woods Rollo and Marcella De Cray in
    this area. I was wondering if anyone could possibly provide me some
    feedback on them and how they teach so that I can make my choice!? I
    don’t know much about either, but anything info would help so much.
    Thank you all in advance!

    unknown-user on #167895

    Did you ever get a response? I am also looking for a Harp teacher – I just moved here – however I am a beginner to beginner/intermediate.

    unknown-user on #167896

    Well, I am a harp teacher in San Jose area, CA. If you need help, please let me know!

    You may also get to know me more from my web page:


    unknown-user on #167897

    My daughter had an excellent teacher in Walnut Creek, CA named Jessica Siegel-Tonti.

    Jennifer Ellis on #167898

    I have Jessica Seigal-Tonti as well for a teacher.

    unknown-user on #167899

    Two great harp teachers live in Berkeley; Sheryl Anne Fulton and Diana Stork. They are both very well known in the harp world, and are very skilled. I have harp lessons with Diana, and she’s great! You’ve probably heard of them.

    unknown-user on #167900

    Karen Gottlieb with the San Francisco Symphony, of course.

    unknown-user on #167901

    There are many excellent harp teachers in northern California, so you may choose by location and if you wish, by teaching method. In the East Bay, Joyce Rosenfield teaches at her charming cottage in Antioch,
    50 miles east of San Francisco, on Route 4, Exit “G” St. She has many
    sizes and types of harps (lever, pedal) & teaches all ages & levels.
    She studied with both Salzedo & Grandjany & is a grad of The Curtis
    Institute of Music, did her Carnegie Recital Hall debut w. very good reviews, more on her website, AudioAdventuresPlus.com. $50/lesson.

    unknown-user on #167902

    I would just buy a harp with an embedded c.d. player and play any album by Richard Veit Alice Chalifoux whilst pretending to play the harp.

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