Looking for Andres recording (“Elegie pour la mort d’un berger”)

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    unknown-user on #168314

    I’ve just started studying Andres’ Elegie pour la mort d’un berger,
    and I’m looking for a recording of it. Any recording. Even if it’s
    you playing for your parents’ camcorder at a Christmas party or
    something. I’m struggling away with this piece and I think it would
    definetly be inspiring and helpful to be able to listen to it first.
    I don’t think he’s ever been officially recorded; when I go to music
    stores, they tend to give me weird looks when I ask for him, but
    since I’ve seen him mentionned a couple of times on these forums I
    thought I’d ask.

    Thanks very much!

    unknown-user on #168315

    Isabelle Perrin recorded an entire CD of the music of Bernard Andres.

    unknown-user on #168316

    I bought this recording from the Michigan Harp Center.

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