Looking for an instructor in St. Louis, MO

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    I have played the piano for several years, but my first love is the

    Laurie Muirhead on #156408

    I would highly recommend Ayako Watanabe in University City, MO (St. Louis area) You could get her number from the St. Louis Symphony as she and her husband, Haruka,

    eva-murphy on #156409

    In answer to your query about harp teachers in St. Louis, Missouri:

    unknown-user on #156410

    I highly recommend Terri Langorak.

    eva-murphy on #156411

    St Louis Harp Teacher Info: A couple of years ago, I posted my contact information here for lessons in St. Louis (see above). Then I temporarily moved to Texas for a year to be the principal player in the El Paso Symphony Orchestra, and teach Orchestra in the public schools there…and start a harp ensemble program in the schools. I have since permanently returned to St. Louis (I married a St. Louis guy!). My contact info has now changed: Eva Murphy (314) 753-3557, email: emstrings@aol.com, website with recent sound clips and videos: http://www.evaharp.com. My Background: I’m degreed specifically in Harp Performance. As of this date, I have had 35 years pro experience (most of those years performing on a full-time basis), worldwide. All genres. Continuing through today with masterclasses under some the world’s finest harpists. I’m a State-Certified Music Teacher, specialization in Strings in the states of Missouri and Texas. I love to teach all ages, and all playing levels, both folk/lever harp and pedal harp.

    eva-murphy on #156412

    I am updating my previous posting regarding availability of harp teachers in St. Louis, MO. I left St. Louis for one year, and then came back to St. Louis, permanently (I married a St. Louis guy!). I am still accepting private harp students. I just realized that I never updated the old phone number that I posted here. My current phone number is (314) 753-3557.

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