Looking for an arrangement of Stand By Me

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    JackieHarpFan on #224330

    Hello all,
    My daughter has been asked to play Stand By Me for a wedding this fall so I’m looking for an arrangement for harp. Can anyone help?

    tanyanoel on #224335

    What timing, I found this one last week and it is very cool. If you click on the page of music there you can also see a video of the arranger playing this.


    susan-koskelin on #224339

    I use musescore.com to find simple pop arrangements, especially when I need one in a hurry. Here is one arrangement of Stand by Me.

    susan-koskelin on #224340

    Sorry, I was trying to put the link on there, not the music! Go to musescore.com and type in the title.

    billooms on #224362

    I really like the Amy Turk video so I decided to purchase the pdf to give it a try. Although it looks simple on the printed page, I suspect it will take time to get used to doing the finger snaps.

    JackieHarpFan on #224535

    Thank you all so much!

    emma-graham on #224641

    Amy’s music is incredible. She’s an extraordinary harpist and brilliant arranger – but it isn’t easy!
    For pop requests I always use sheetmusicdirect.com I try to find an easy piano arrangement and then make my own harp arrangement from there. I find it easier to add to a simple version rather than try to work out what to cut from a tricky piano version.

    Jerusha Amado on #233216

    Another good source for sheet music that can be converted to harp is musicnotes.com.

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