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    I’ve always wanted to learn to play harp, but it is really hard to find a harp teacher and but a harp in Vancouver, BC (lower mainland area)…do anyone know which music store would have information on harps and harp lessons?

    I am a beginner and know nothing about getting a harp, so it would be great if someone can help me out with getting a harp. I just want to get a small harp, like a lap hard or a small floor harp.

    Could anyone give me some advice or contacts?

    It will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.




    I suggest finding a teacher first as they can help, and will have ideas about the right harps to learn on. Dusty Strings are in Seattle and may be useful.


    A very capable harpist performer and teacher, who got her training and several degrees from Alice Giles in Canberra, Australia, is now teaching in Gibsons, a short distance north of Vancouver, B.C. Tegan Peemoeller, in her late twenties, is found at:, or
    She will also teach by Skype if the student cannot travel to her..


    Long and Macguade Music in Vancouver carry harps and I believe have or know of harp teachers in the area.


    Vivian, to amend my information about harpist Tegan Peemoeller, she has moved to a location near Stanley Park in Vancouver.She will be out of the country, on a harp tour in Australia, leaving July 30 for almost a month, but the same contact information in my previous post is valid.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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