looking for a pedal harp in India

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    jehanne-drai on #75978

    Hi dear harpists !

    I’m a french professional harpist and I’m going to India January 4th to 7th for a wedding. I need a pedal harp (47 strings). Do you know where can I find this treasure ? It seems impossible, and I’m afraid to fly with my own harp…
    Thanks a lot.

    Alison on #75979

    I could ask two indian friends for advice on where to look etc, but they’ll want to know which city, New Dehli, Bangalore etc. |Couldn’t you take a small lever harp ?

    patricia-jaeger on #75980

    By contacting first Camac Harps in France, and then other large harp makers, (Horngacher, David, Pilgrim, etc.) you ,may find one that has sold a harp in or near the area in India where you will play, and let you make contact for a one-day rental possibility from the owner. If this does not yield a result, see if a single-action lever harp made by Mr. Arsalaan Fay in Florida USA might suit your needs for wedding repertoire. It is 33 strings , has 4 detachable legs, and 7 levers each of which change by a semitone all strings of the same name, just like the Tyrolean single-action pedal harps in Europe. Mr. Fay is at dharps@juno.com. An investment in such a greatly portable yet harmonically superior (to ordinary lever harps) instrument may be to your great advantage over the years, as I have found with mine., leading to more performing opportunities than before ownership.

    jehanne-drai on #75981

    Hi Alison, thanks for your help. The city is Indore…
    Patricia, i’m going to contact Camac, but the last time I was in India (for a wedding too), they could not help me. I used to bring a single action harp (Pandora by Budin) for the plane (it’s only 16kg !), but for this time, the father of the bride wants a double action harpe !

    Thanks again for your replies !

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