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    HBrock25 on #78206

    Hey there! I’m in need of a new harpmobile fairly quickly. I was hit head-on 2 weeks ago and my poor ’96 Chrysler Town and Country was totaled. It took the accident like a champ though and I was able to walk away with only a sprained neck, sprained right knee, sprained right ankle, and bruised ribs from my seat belt; however I am now in need of a new car because I can’t keep renting forever (although the ’14 Dodge Grand Caravan I am renting is quite nice :P).

    I was reading a few posts on the forums here that said Toyota Matrix’s are amazing harpmobiles! I love the idea of having a smaller, more fuel efficient vehicle that can also move a CG, so here’s my questions! As far as the Toyota Matrix goes, can you put a CG and accessories in one and still fit a passenger in the front seat? If not, what other types of cars do you guys suggest for harp moving that can move a CG and fit one passenger? I’ve been looking into minivans with stow and go seating because I know a minivan will work well since it’s all I’ve ever used to move harps, and I want the stow and go if I do get a van because I live in an apartment with no garage so I have no where to store the bench seat that I would normally take out of a van to load my harp. However, when I found out there was a possibility of getting a smaller (and cuter!) car to move my harp though, I was thrilled! So I’m really hoping you guys have some suggestions other than the standard minivan. I’m only 24, so the longer I can stay away from looking like a soccer mom, the happier I’ll be 😛

    <3 and harp strings,

    faye-fishman on #78207

    hi there was some discussion in Coffee Break back in January because I was looking for a harp mobile.
    I don’t believe they are making the Matrix anymore, I had one and loved it and wanted another but they weren’t available.
    See if you can look back in Coffee Break, in Jan under Prius V and Harpmobile for some of the discussion.
    good luck.

    Kate on #78208

    I think I may have seen that post already, and although the Prius V looks fantastic I’m looking for a used car. My poor old minivan wasn’t worth a whole lot, so I’m working with a tight enough budget that I can’t afford a brand new car 🙁 But that’s why I was asking about the Toyota Matrix, because I have found quite a few used ones in my price range.

    janet-king on #78209

    Hi Kate, I was one of the posters here about the Matrix. I have one, and I’m very pleased with it. However, 1. they redesigned the Matrix a few years back, and although I never tried stuffing my semi-grand into it, it looks less harpable. The rear opening is narrower, for one thing. So, if you are looking for a used Matrix, you might have to go back to the original design. 2. I have stuffed a passenger in the front, but they haven’t had much leg room.
    In the end, you have to take your harp to the dealer and try it for yourself. BTW, I did put a CG into my Matrix, you can do it. But your passenger might feel crowded…

    barbara-brundage on #78210

    I have a 2007 Matrix, and there’s no way I could get a passenger into it along with my Style 11. The passenger seat has to be all the way forward to allow enough room for the kneeblock when you angle the harp. I agree with Janet that the 2008 and up look a lot less harp friendly.

    Kate on #78211

    I found a 2009 matrix at a local dealership that I was thinking of bringing my harp to this weekend to try out, but most of the used Matrix’s I’ve found online were 2005s. The ones that were 2009 or newer were either way out of my price range or had way too many miles on them.

    If a Matrix doesn’t work out, what other smallish/gas economical harpmobiles are there that could fit a passenger (and are relatively safe)? My dad is really emphasizing the safety factor of whatever vehicle I get because of my head on collision and how lucky I was, as am I. So good crash ratings are important, but I can look that up myself if I know what type of cars (other than the standard minivan of course) can hold a CG and a passenger.

    s-evans on #78212

    HarpsEtc’s website has some recent information on harpmobiles. One harpmobile listed is the Toyota Rav4 which has good gas mileage, plenty of room and can have a passenger as well. Another one is the Prius v, which came highly recommended, but depending on your tastes, may have a soccer mom image.

    So google ‘HarpsEtc harpmobiles’, you’ll be able to find the info that way. Hope that helps.

    Gretchen Cover on #78213


    I am so thankful you were not hurt. I was horrified seeing the photo of your car. You may want to talk to your insurance agent – perhaps a lawyer, too, to address your car needs. Your replacement car goes beyond just the value of your van. You need it for a specific purpose. There may be some more insurance money due to your need to haul a harp. Just a thought.

    PS/ Do not be in a hurry to settle the accident until you are perfectly certain you have no long-term injury, particularly with your neck. We had a friend who thought his neck was sprained from a car accident, and it was broken. The xray was read wrong (don’t mean to scare you; just to encourage caution).

    Kate on #78214

    S Evans – The Toyota Rav4 looks really nice! I’m curious though if older models will hold a CG, all of my harp goodies, and a passenger the same way? I can’t afford a new car so I have to find a used car instead. I took a look at the Prius V and although it will certainly fit a CG and everything else quite nicely it had terrible crash ratings for a front-end crash (like I experienced). I don’t think I’d feel very safe in one at all, even if I could find one used in my price range! I took a look at that blog post though, and it was nice seeing how a CG actually fit into all those cars – thanks!

    Gretchen – So am I! It could have been SO much worse… especially if the crash had happened the day before, which is when I bring my CG rental harp to my college! Somehow though I managed to escape with minor injuries (although I still need to have my right knee checked out… it’s been 2 weeks since the accident and it’s still bothering me). The other person’s insurance company is a one-time settlement sort of deal, so I’m waiting for a bit before I do anything with it just to make sure that everything is okay with me in the long-term. I’ve been told that back injuries, for example, can take a few months to show up!

    I’m just trying to find the right car that will fulfill all my needs on my slim, $6k budget… and it’s looking as though my time is quickly running out to find something because before long the insurance company is going to stop paying for my rental van and it’s going to start coming out of my own pocket! Definitely not what I want.

    I may have to just get something that is “okay” for now since time is running out, and hope that when I do settle I get enough to upgrade to something that really fits all of my needs – but I’d rather just get it right this time so I don’t have to worry about it again for a while =/

    Gretchen Cover on #78215


    What is YOUR insurance company and your insurance agent doing to help you out?

    Also, don’t be afraid to call your state insurance commission for advice. They can be very helpful. I used it to help out with health insurance and found it was one government agency that was on the ball.

    Do not feel pressured in any way to settle. Keep the rental car and think about yourself – not to worry if you are inconveniencing the insurance company. Get everything in writing. Insurance companies are out to get premiums and not pay claims – including yours. If they tell you that you have to settle in a certain time, ask to see the documentation. Have them prove it to you.

    Kate on #78216

    Gretchen – My insurance is actually the one covering the car rental right now, and here in a day or two they are going to start processing the paperwork to get me money for my totaled van, which means I will have 7 days to return the rental van before paying for it out of my own pocket. So because this window is coming up quickly, I need to seriously hunt for a car this weekend because the only days my dad and I have match up to look for cars are on the weekends.

    I’m not feeling pressured at all to settle with the other insurance, I have 2 years to do so with them. My dad and I talked (he’s the primary on my car insurance) and decided we wanted to wait a year or so just to make sure that no other injuries pop up – that way if something does pop up it’s not too late to have it covered with the insurance. Plus I’m keeping a journal of everything relating to the accident – things I’m having trouble doing, things that hurt, what in my life these things are affecting, etc.

    So far it seems as though both insurance companies are trying to work with me (the other company claimed fault for the accident, thank goodness because the guy fell asleep at the wheel and drove into MY lane!), but I’m just glad I have my dad helping me with all of this. I wouldn’t know the first thing to do had I needed to deal with this all on my own!

    Also, thanks so much for all your advice! I really appreciate it 🙂

    Gretchen Cover on #78217


    It seems like you and your family have this under control. My son is 24 so I guess that is why I am showing parental concern about your accident. Plus, while living in the DC area, my husband and I were involved over the years in six accidents – none our fault. It is bad enough to be traumatized by an accident but then you are the victim twice due to dealing with the car, insurance, etc. I am glad you are all right on all fronts. I hope you find a suitable car.

    BTW, check online at http://www.autotrader.com. That is a very useful resource for cars.

    Anonymous on #78218

    I just wanted to throw in my two cents about my harpmobile, if it’s not too late. I have a 2003 Ford Taurus Wagon, and it fits my Style 30 with room to spare. The driver’s seat has plenty of leg room, and the passenger’s seat doesn’t need to be pushed forward at all. I actually moved from Seattle to San Diego and back with my harp (and all of my other belongings, and my cats) all in the one car comfortably, and this summer I’ll be packing it all up again for a move from Seattle to Tucson. If you’re just bringing your harp, accessories, and a passenger, there should be plenty of room. 🙂

    (I don’t know what harp you have, but the Style 30 is a little bit shorter than some other concert grands from L&H. There are still a few inches to spare, though, if you have a taller harp.)

    tracey-kjonegaard on #78219

    Wow, I hope your harp wasn’t in the van with you when you were hit 🙁

    Anyway, I didn’t read the whole thread but I skimmed and didn’t see it mentioned…

    I’ve always heard Subarus are great cars. They last FOREVER (I know a handful of people that still drive theirs from the early 90s, and run well) and get really good mileage for being a wagon or SUV (depending on the model, but most get good mileage, it seems). Anyway, just mentioning it because I think I’m looking to trade in my car this summer and I’ve had my heart set on a Subaru Forester for a long time. And I’ve known a few people to say that they’re great harpmobiles.
    However, I would still recommend taking your harp with you when you go car shopping 🙂

    Good luck!

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #78220

    I see the Ford Flex as spacious and perhaps ideal, and VW has a very appealling mini-van, but I have my heart set on a second-hand Mercedes station wagon.

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