looking for a lever Harp teacher in Buffalo, NY area

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    unknown-user on #156095

    I’m looking for a lever Harp teacher or even an experienced harp
    student [maybe a college student willing to teach me]that’s located
    in the Buffalo, NY area… or close to Buffalo to learn how to play
    from. The teacher must have at least 4 years of Harp playing
    experience & can teach what they know effectively. The music’s I’m
    most interested in playing are: Celtic music. But also interested in
    learning to play some classical, some folk, and some pop music too.
    Any help w/ locating a teacher would be greatly appreciated..!!


    paul-knoke on #156096

    Have you called Suzanne Thomas (716 773 6369)? She will get you
    started with a good, healthy technique. Suzanne studied at Eastman and
    is now the harpist with the Buffalo Philharmonic. She is primarily a
    pedal harpist, but has plenty of experience with lever harps. In any
    case, good harp basic technique is good basic harp technique, whether
    the harp has levers OR pedals!

    Good luck & have harp fun,


    donna-benier on #156097

    John, I am a harp teacher in Rochester,NY area.

    unknown-user on #156098

    Hi John,
    If you haven’t gotten a teacher yet you should go with Suzanne. I have been taking lessons from her for almost a year and she is absolutely phenominal and she charges a very good price ($30 an hour). She will teach you a varity of music and if she sees that you want to learn a different type of music she will find a teacher that will teach that type. When I first started she recommended someone who taught more celtic music since that’s what I was interested in but I stayed with her and I am very pleased I did. If you do not already have a harp she will do anything to help you get one that’s suitable.

    HBrock25 on #156099

    Rebecca Roman is a lever harpist and teacher in the Buffalo, NY, area.

    Antonia Miranda on #156100

    Hi, just started the harp with Rebecca Roman, I really like her! I live in West Seneca, NY and would be interested in connecting with more harpists. I would love to participate in a harp circle! I am a singer/songwriter and have wrote a few songs on my harp. I’d love to bring my 29 string to an open mic. Any suggestions of places to play?

    ellen-lengel on #156101

    Hi Donna….I have just moved back to the WNY area and have been playing my harp for 1 year. Thank for the info on Rebecca.

    ellen-lengel on #156102

    Hi Antonia-

    My name is ellen & I have been playing the harp for a year. I have a 26 string harp and would love to continue my lessons (last ones were in Minnesota) and meet some other harpers too.


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