Looking for a harp teacher in Sacramento, CA

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    unknown-user on #167921

    Hi I’m looking for a harp teacher in Sacramento, CA
    and if you know anybody in the area it would be great!

    unknown-user on #167922

    Elisabeth, Have you found a teacher in this area?

    patricia-jaeger on #167923

    For about the price of one lesson, you can join the American Harp Society which will then send you, among other benefits, an 82-page DIRECTORY of harp teachers, performers, and students in the U.S and foreign countries who are also members. California has many (8 pages, closely typed, with a T identifying teachers)members listed; and those who joined did so because the harp is important to them, not a passing whim. If I wanted to find a teacher in Sacramento, I would not want to be taught by someone NOT in the AHS directory, would you?

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