looking for a harp teacher and/or other adult harpist in eastern PA

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    barbara-brundage on #161174

    Don’t you have itunes? Many recordings of each by well-known harpists there.

    Also, Mr. Grandjany hiimself recorded the Haydn Fantaisie, in the LP recording that used to be available through the AHS. Don’t know if that’s been remastered to CD.

    barbara-brundage on #161175

    Dear Hannah,

    If you are serious enough about music to be entering the AHS competition, may I suggest that if you plan on a career in music these days, it is absolutely essential to understand the marketplace and how it has changed?

    You MUST familiarize yourself with these methods of distribution (and their impact on what you can expect to earn), since CDs are quickly going the way of the 8-track tape. (I have a good friend who currently makes a very good living from CDs alone, but even he says he figures one more year and he won’t be able to sell physical discs at all.)

    This is the world you will be living in and you need to start thinking of how you will function there, unless of course you are just entering the AHS competition for fun.

    unknown-user on #161176

    Hi Hannah ~

    If finding the professional recordings is a problem there are some amateur recordings on youtube. Here are the one I could find:


    unknown-user on #161177

    Actually, there are two recordings that I would recommend by Judy Loman.

    “The Genius of Salzedo” CD has her playing the Pescetti – dazzlingly fast. And there is also

    Mel Sandberg on #161178


    Specifically about the Fantaisie on a theme of Haydn

    Mel Sandberg on #161179


    I listened to the one on YouTube straight away, the Fantaisie one, by Jennifer Campbell.

    unknown-user on #161170

    Just moved to the Allentown area and I’m looking for other harpists or musicians to get together to make music and have some fun.

    Geri McQuillen on #161171

    Hello Dale,

    I live in Oregon and have a wonderful teacher who teaches all over the country.

    unknown-user on #161180

    I just stumbled on this thread by accident and thought that I should give some more imput as my teacher has given me some recordings since I last posted.

    On Jana Bouskava’s CD Harfa she has all three movements of the Pescetti as well as the Fantasie.

    On Elizabeth Remy’s CD Whirlwind she has all three movements of the Pescetti, the Fantasie AND Whirlwind.

    As mentioned before, on the CD Music

    unknown-user on #161181


    unknown-user on #161182


    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #161172

    I’m in Philadelphia, that’s about 45 minutes away, I think.

    Cheryl Z. on #161173

    Hi Dale,

    Try Joanna Mell.

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