Looking for a a Harp Teacher in Normandy

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    Alaina Ferris on #226614

    Hi there!

    I travel to Paris and Normandy each summer to visit family. I have been studying the lever harp for 4 years and am looking for a harp teacher near Le Havre or Paris to take a few lessons with while I’m there this August.

    Does anyone have any recommendations? I am very interested in Breton music and traditional court dances.


    wil-weten on #226616

    You may like to ask advice at the French harp forum at:

    Alaina Ferris on #226660

    Thank you, Wil!

    evolene_t on #226661

    Hey Alaina,

    I’m a member of the forum Will-Weten pointed at as well.
    You’re in luck, Normandy is one of the French region with the most harp teachers. How good is your French?

    You can contact the Maison de la Harpe, they’re supposed to have a list up to date. Maison de la Harpe – Dinan.

    You can also check out this website, with a few caveat :
    – The website is old (and it shows) and you need French to understand it
    – I don’t know the association and the people in it, nor how up to date it is.
    – I think the list only provides members that contribute to the association by paying rights : so many teachers might not be listed there.
    Ecoles de musique avec harpe en France – Par école et professeurs

    Otherwise there’s a lot of seminars (stage) around, definitely check out the Forum Harpistique.

    Good luck!

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