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    ashburnanna on #192119

    Hi All,

    I am preparing to move to Southeast Asia for a while and won’t be able to bring my harp with me right away. I am hoping to ship it over once I am settled, but it will probably be several months before that happens. In the meantime, what are your tips for safe storage of a harp? It will be kept at a relative’s home, in an indoor and climate-controlled room. However, no one else in the family plays and so it will probably sit unused for most of the time. Should I loosen the tension of the strings? Any other concerns that you can think of?

    Many Thanks!

    Biagio on #192121

    Ask that it be placed in a corner to avoid accidental bumps and falls. Loosely cover it with your harp case or a dust cover – do not enclose it tightly as you want it to breath and not trap humidity. As for loosening the strings, that I think will depend on how long you expect it to be there and what kind of string you have.

    In general I recommend not loosening them as repeated loosening and tightening is not good for the board; but if you expect to be away for six months or more it might be a good idea. Harps are happiest when they are played but if that is not possible for extended periods probably best to relieve a bit of stress.


    Andelin on #192132

    I suggest you call the manufacturer of your harp, and see what they say. They can give you recommendations based on how long it will sit unused, etc.

    If it is only a few months, I doubt there will be any specific instructions aside from using a dust cover and making sure it is in a protected spot. They may. However have specific instructions for shipping the harp.

    Hope this helps. 🙂

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