Lonely Shepherd – Paul Schocker

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    avdhoeven on #239300

    My son (11) is currently working on the Lonely Shepherd from Paul Schocker. This became a really nice story. He got this music from Gwyneth Wentink to study it in preparation for his audition for the pre-conservatory high-school in Rotterdam.

    He decided he wanted to play this on a concours, so he needed the original music. So I went looking for it and found out that his son Gary Schocker is one of the most famous flutist in the world currently. This was a very nice thing to see, as I play flute myself. So I mailed him and got a very nice and quick reply that he found the music and would send it to us.

    Then I got into mail contact with him and found out that he wrote a piece ‘In memoriam’ in memory of his father Paul for flute and harp. So I bought this music and Davy and I are working on this now. In the meantime Davy has been working on the Lonely Shepherd and got very nice feedback from Gary Schocker who remembers the piece very well as he heard it often from his father when he was young. He even said his father would be very happy with this performance, which is a real honour for Davy I think.

    I hope someday we can play both pieces together somewhere as a sort of tribute to Paul Schocker for this beautiful piece which somehow seems to be forgotten a bit, as it is not played very often.

    Here is a video of Davy playing Lonely Shepherd last Sunday in our church as a try-out for his audition (he has still about 2 months to refine the details, but I think it’s already quite nice).

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    balfour-knight on #239452

    What a nice story for New Year 2020! Thanks so much. Davy is doing SO WELL. It is wonderful to see him growing up and becoming a PEDAL harpist. He really knows his way around that beautiful harp!

    Harp Hugs,
    Balfour (and Carol Lynn)

    avdhoeven on #240730

    Thanks a lot! In just two weeks from now he will have his audition for the pre-conservatory high-school. This is very nice because this school is located within the conservatory and so they will have lessons from conservatory teachers there and get a lot of music theory. I really hope he will make it…

    balfour-knight on #240751

    Hello again, my friends! Did you see “Lonely Shepherd” featured as a “favorite new solo” on Harp Column Music? It is the third one down, and you can scroll down a little further to watch Paul Schocker play this beautiful piece on the concert harp! Way to go, Harp Column!

    We wish Davy all the best in his audition for the pre-conservatory high-school in Rotterdam. How exciting for you, his father, also–you can be very proud of him!

    Harp Hugs and all good thoughts,
    Balfour (and Carol Lynn)

    avdhoeven on #240766

    Thanks. Yes, it’s very nice it is republished. I was in contact with Gary Schocker (his son) and after the movie that Davy made there was quite some interest in the piece resulting in it being republished. So that was a very nice surprise.

    Just to mention, it is not Paul Schocker himself playing in the video. It’s Bill van Patten (he has a youtube channel with a lot of harp music).


    André (and Davy)

    balfour-knight on #240778

    Thank you so much, Andre! My mistake–I am glad you cleared that up about Bill van Patten. I hope Harp Column gives him credit on the video. He plays the piece beautifully, and your Davy does too!

    Harp Hugs,

    avdhoeven on #241451

    Dear Balfour,

    Davy just had his audition for the pre-conservatory high school today and had a positive result. He’s admissible and now only has to wait for his school advice, which is expected to be good. So he’s so happy now…


    balfour-knight on #241454

    Hello Andre and Davy!

    I am SO pleased to get the great news! I knew Davy could do it–all his hard work has paid off. I remember how proud my own father was when I was accepted as a music major at our university, so you all can celebrate. My dad and I used to go out for donuts, or some other sweet dessert when something like this happened.

    Thanks so much for letting us know this wonderful news.

    Wishing you the very best,
    Balfour (and Carol Lynn)

    avdhoeven on #242351

    Thanks a lot!

    This piece he played also for his audition:

    He got the news last week that he’s indeed admitted and will have an introduction day next week. He’s so happy…

    balfour-knight on #242353

    Dear Andre’ and Davy,

    Thanks so much for the wonderful news! Now we are so happy, just like Davy!

    We just enjoyed the new video you posted. What beautiful and sensitive playing, Davy. You make that concert harp sound so good! Your technique is so improved, with power when you need it. It is so good that fingers play the harp strings directly, without anything in between (like the action in a piano!) so that all the expression can happen so magically. Of course, the old adage “the work must be done in order to play!” is SO important, we all know. Davy, keep up the good work. We are so proud of you!

    Big harp hugs,
    Balfour (and Carol Lynn)

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