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    Sherj DeSantis on #149813

    How very sad……

    laura-palmieri on #149814

    This is just terrible! Can this really be true? The Cass Tech Orchestra Program has been a great help to students who thought they would never even touch an instrument let alone play it and some of them went on to make it their career. The Cass Harp program has helped so many amazing harpists get a head start in their playing. Two of my best harp teachers were harp directors there and recently my former harp teacher Lydia Cleaver took over the harp director position. I still can’t believe they are letting this go. I so hate Detroit especially more for doing this. This makes me very upset! I’m moving out of this crazy city!

    unknown-user on #149815

    Our Northeast School District School of the Arts here in San Antonio which is a magnet public school for the area and encompasses a standard high school curriculum plus writing directing acting photography etc is probably on its last legs also – they had to go to a 5000.00 tuition this year just to keep it open – it is really sad as many graduates have gone on to performing arts colleges and then positions in the arts as writers, directors, composers and some on Broadway –
    and yet, football in Texas thrives and there is a brand new state of the art multimillion dollar Northeast ISD football stadium – – – –

    It is very sad

    vince-pierce on #149816

    John – that is just infuriating that all the money goes to any one activity. I am so disappointed to hear about Cass Tech. I remember learning about it at the 2008 AHS conference, and I thought the program was such a wonderful thing. In fact, I thought it was exactly the kind of program I would like to work in. I hope this doesn’t become a trend in other places.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #149817

    What a terrible shame! I was so impressed with this program when I went to the AHS Conference in Dearborn. I know that Detroit’s economy is still in recession, but one would hope that such a fantastically successful program could find a sponsor to save it.

    HBrock25 on #149811

    I’m looking for a London harpist who is willing to spend a few hours on either 17 or 18 August talking about the harp and playing a little. I am a historian/filmmaker, as well as a harpist, and I am participating in a workshop in London in mid August. I am playing around with the idea of making a short film about the history of the harp. I would like to focus on modern music, possible some of the works of Salzedo. But I am still thinking of about this. If anyone in London is interested or knows someone who might be interested, please let me know. Thanks, John C. Swanson (

    Alison on #149812

    John, I have emailed you to see if you’d like me to broadcast this request to all the UK harpists.

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