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    unknown-user on #168201

    I live and teach in Houston, TX. We have a active harp community here,
    with plenty of teachers and students. I teach 15-20 students
    (children & adults) per week.
    When prospective students (and parents) have contacted my for info on
    my teaching schedule, they seem more interested in where I’m located
    than my experience or ability.
    I don’t understand this. Help?

    unknown-user on #168202

    Hi, This is Julie Arreguin. I think maybe location might have to do with how far the parent will have to drive to obtain a lesson.

    Ruth Mar on #168203

    Yes, it probably has to do with the distance the parent has to drive.

    patricia-jaeger on #168204

    Dear Therese, Houston is a huge city. These days, two parents in the home are often employed. Children have more homework than when I (senior citizen now) was in school. Location rather than the expertise of a teacher has evolved to be a major factor in deciding on a teacher that would give a child or adult a weekly lesson. Since, as you say, there are plenty of harp teachers, a prospective student will most likely choose one that is near her own home rather than getting on a busy freeway with all the risks of heavy traffic. So do not feel your skills are unappreciated; they are down on the priority list for purely practical purposes. Be aware of the locations of the other harp teachers, and circle your own area for any advertising. Before long, by word of mouth, you will be sought out primarily by prospective harp students who will want to stay with you for your abilities as well as for the easy commute.Best wishes, Patricia Jaeger

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