Loading harp and double bass in minivan

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    eliza-morrison on #145192

    Has anyone ever loaded a harp together with a double bass in a minivan? I have a

    unknown-user on #145193

    hi – not harp and bass specifically, but 4 concert grande pedal harps in the older boxy Toyota Van – so I would imagine something similar – anyway, suggest you load the harp in crown first on its’ column on the passenger side rear of your van so that discs won’t be likely to bump against anything on the side of your van – with the harp standing “on its nose” you should have plenty of room to get the bass in – try to use the seat belts on the passenger side to help secure the harp – and seat belts on the driver side to secure the bass – I can use the middle seat belt and the rear seat belt around the neck and base of my harp in my current Toyota Sienna – then use cushions or pillows etc to pad the harp and bass from each other – hope this works for you

    diane-michaels on #145194

    Yes – in a Dodge Caravan. It’s been a while, though. I think the harp was in flat, loaded first, probably angled to maximize space on the right side. Bass was on its side to the right of the harp, with its neck pointing towards (and through) the gap between the two front seats. It may have had to rest a little on the harp? But the weight distribution would have been such that the neck of the harp wasn’t bearing the weight.

    eliza-morrison on #145195

    Thanks to both of you for the good suggestions. I’ll let you know what happens!

    erin-wood on #145196

    I have done it in a Toyota Sienna. I put the back seat down flat. I column loaded the harp on the right side (the two middle seats were close together and the backs were folded down so they were lower but they don’t go into the floor). The bass went rested on it’s back with the neck sitting on the folded middle chairs, well padded. Good luck! I guess every van is different.

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