Lily Laskine Harp Competition

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    Lily Laskine Competition on #166736

    Please note that the next Lily Laskine harp Competition will be held in Paris form September 13th to 20th, 2008

    You can check the rules, details of the programme, and download the registration form on our web site (information in French and in English):

    Concours internationaux de la Ville de Paris
    3, rue des Couronnes
    75020  Paris

    Fairy Reel on #166737

    Thank you so much for posting this. The competition is rather out of my league for the moment, but I look forward to working on these pieces (I jotted down a total of 17!)

    unknown-user on #166738

    It would be so nice to hear about this when it is first announced, to have a couple of years to really prepare the repertoire, not several months.

    Fairy Reel on #166739

    That’s sort of what I’m planning on trying to do. Is it an annual competition, or not?

    jean-mac on #166740

    I know of an individual competing currently in Paris.

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