Like the “Star of the County Down”?/pen pal?

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    unknown-user on #167644

    Hey everyone,

    I recently learned the song, “star of the county down” also known
    as “my southern soldier boy”

    unknown-user on #167645

    You might like some of these books.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #167646

    My favourite song is “The Mist-Covered Mountains of Home”. It is featured in the movie
    “Local Hero”, which is a wonderful film set in a small village in Scotland. I had a heck of a
    time finding the music. I finally got a digitalized version off the net and made my own

    unknown-user on #167647

    “Ashoken Farewell” is a similiar song in type, but is fairly recent. “Ash Grove”, while not as good, in my opinion, is an example of some very pretty Welsh music.

    benjamin-creighton-griffiths on #167648

    Hi Lorie,

    I am Benjamin, i am 8 1/2

    unknown-user on #167649

    Another beautiful, haunting Welsh tune is “Aberystwyth.” And you have almost certainly heard “Loch Lomond.” If you have not, it is easy to find midis, mp3s, etc. of it.

    unknown-user on #167650

    “Star of the County Down” is one of my absolute favorites!

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