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    I play at a large care home (850 residents) and must move every 25 minutes or so to a new area – some quite far away as you can imagine. Looking for a music stand that is extremely light weight as I must carry it in a bag along with my music etc. I have an old one which collapses at the first opportunity as it is quite worn out. All the new ones I have looked at are much heavier and do not fold up as “short.” I have a carbon fiber harp which is fantastic for this situation.

    jennifer-buehler on #184754

    The lightest weight music stand I own is the Peak folding stand. It’s made of PVC or something and is very lightweight. However, it doesn’t fold very small. It does have it’s own carrying bag. My I have a heavy duty wire stand that folds pretty small but it is quite a bit heavier. I don’t remember the brand. K & M maybe?

    Donna O on #184758

    I have a fairly sturdy wire stand (Cordoba) came with carry bag which I purchased from Guitar Center (they are also online). It folds up pretty small and is not heavy. I also have a Peak stand also but it is much larger when folded although it holds big binders better.

    balfour-knight on #184765

    By far the very best light-weight music stand that I have ever seen is the Anderson folding music stand. It is available in several different finishes; I have the ebony one which goes well with all three of my harps which have three different finishes. This stand is also very sturdy–it will not collapse until you are ready to fold it up, and it fits nicely into a zippered case with a convenient carrying strap.

    Debbie on #184782

    I just ordered a new black folding music stand after researching all the options. It is an Onstage SM7222B. It has very thick, sturdy legs. There are knobs to tighten the stand instead of those old hinges that always catch your fingers. It folds up as one single unit which is really convenient. It all fits into a carrying bag. It probably weighs 2-3 lbs. The only thing that I don’t like about it is the shelf is only an inch deep- the one on my old silver stand is 1 1/2″. So it’s not going to hold a heavy book but it’s perfect for sheet music. They make a lighter version, SM7122. They have a video that shows the features of each. I bought mine from Amazon and there are a lot of reviews up.

    allegra on #184785

    I like the RAT stand, which folds and is very lightweight, but the sturdiest compared to many of the lightweight ones I’ve seen, as it has extra reinforcements connecting the tripod legs.

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    Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I have a peak stand and it is great but a bit too big and heavy for this situation. The Anderson looks fabulous but again fairly heavy and much too high a price for me to pay for what is really a volunteer/charity gig. I’ll definitely look into the others as soon as I can. Thanks again – Great to have voices out there to offer assistance. Sharon

    Stephanie Bennett on #184923

    I LOOOOOVE my Anderson Music Stands. They are foldable, lightweight and beautiful. They are not cheap, however. For weddings, dinner parties, etc, when every last little detail is beautiful, I don’t like to see the musicians haul in an ugly music stand.
    I just re-read your earlier post and saw that you referred to the Anderson as “too heavy” – I just weighed mine and it is 3.5 pounds, (which I think of as a feather compared to my MisterStandMan stands at 9.5 pounds). If that’s still too heavy, I wonder if the Musicmakers “Harp desk” would suit your purpose…

    Eric Allison on #184983

    I can ditto Debbie’s comments concerning the OnStage stand, lightweight and fairly sturdy, but the shelf will only support a few sheets or a single folder. It’s not ideal for swiping music across a tablet but works for me because I build a folder for any given function.

    lyle-laturno on #185154

    A totally different approach would be to use a cart.
    Many elementary music teachers must move from room to room.
    A cart is a major help. Currently I take my harp and related
    equipment on one from a home supply center. It is two feet
    wide and almost three feet long. Casters move the contents easily.
    The pipe like handle folds so the cart can then be placed into a
    trunk or stored in a closet. Cost when purchased was in the $50 range.

    balfour-knight on #185158

    Great point, Lyle! I have one of those carts, and they are super! I would have forgotten that possibility for this forum, so thanks for coming up with it. (Balfour)

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