Lift Every Voice and Sing for harp!?

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    unknown-user on #167038

    I’ve been looking,but so far I can’t find the sheet music for Lift Every Voice and Sing by John R. Johnson(music) and James W. Johnson (words). My friend plays the flute and

    anita-burroughs-price on #167039

    Hi Jade,

    It is great that you want to play with your friend at graduation.

    barbara-brundage on #167040

    You can do nothing with this file, however, unless you have the Noteworthy Composer or noteworthy composer plug-in:

    (a wholly unreliable bit of kit that only works at random in certain versions of windows, and not reliably there)

    Leigh Griffith on #167041

    Well, my hubby and I have been running Noteworthy on the last five
    computers we have had and only had occasional problems with it. We use
    it to break down our choral music into parts (he’s bass, I’m alto) and
    to learn hymn music for church. My son has used it to compose some
    simple music and run on good speakers sounds good enough as
    accompaniment in Church. It may not be a big fancy expensive program,
    but it does what we need, and sounds like it should be fine for what
    Jade needs, so why do you feel the need to badmouth it?

    barbara-brundage on #167042

    Sorry, not badmouthing the program, but the player, which does not run on a mac. It does not run in linux, it does not run in some versions of Windows, etc.

    The program is fine, as far as I know, but posting noteworthy oonly files, or finale only files, or sibelius only files on a site like that one (as opposed to a showcase for the program itself) is just exclusionary bad design.

    barbara-brundage on #167043

    If you truly wish to make a file accessible to everyone who comes to your website, you should use a format like pdf mp3 that is readable by many computers, as opposed to .doc, nwc, .mus, etc.

    unknown-user on #167044

    Thank you all for your help!


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