Liability Insurance for Harpists?

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    amy-walts on #149627

    I’m interested in getting a good professional liability policy. The
    thought of a client tripping on my stairs when coming for a
    consult–or tripping over an amp cord at a gig, or scratching
    someone’s car when unloading harps/equipment, for that
    matter– gives me the creeps. State Farm and Allstate don’t offer
    musicians policies of this sort, and I’m not covered for it under
    my homeowner’s insurance. The harps themselves and all their
    accessories are already covered under their own separate
    policy. Has anyone got any suggestions on how to handle the
    liability issue?

    unknown-user on #149628

    Dear Amy, My husband and I have looked into this several times in the
    past and have not been able to find any policies we could afford.

    unknown-user on #149629

    I recently inquired about a million dollar liability insurance policy–I called a commercial insurance agent–one who deals with businesses.

    unknown-user on #149630

    I believe the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) offers a policy. Check with your local musicians union if you are a member.

    Chris Frederick

    Muriel Denoix-Eaton on #149631

    I use OneBeacon, also formerly known as CGU.

    janet-king on #149632

    If you want liability insurance because you actually WANT liability insurance, well, then, I’m not sure how to help you.

    However, if you want liability insurance because catering halls are beginning to demand it — as is happening, slowly, here on Long Island — here’s my solution:

    lynne lockwood on #149633

    Thanks Janet. Yes, it is too ridiculous. This is a famous BIG resort. I resent it also. What could happen? I am never away from my harp, and in fact do not even let the valet guys move it …ever. The Marriott’s around the country started this about four years ago, but I’ve never needed “proof” before. Unfortunately I am the entire orchestra(!) for the ceremony and luncheon. Sooo looking for easy policy, with the shortest amount of time that I can have it for.

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