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    Debbie on #185750

    I’ve been asked by two venues to have proof of liability insurance. Can anyone recommend an insurance company who offers it? Anderson, who I have my harp insured through does not offer it.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #185765

    Western Financial Group insures musicians’ instruments in Canadian orchestras, and they include liability insurance in the package.

    catherine-rogers on #185785

    I have it through The Hartford. It isn’t very expensive.

    Participant on #186582

    I have it in conjunction with my “umbrella” policy for houses, cars, etc. Check with your personal insurance person. Less than $10 per year.

    Debbie on #187962

    I contacted Western Financial and they only cover musicians in Canada. The Hartford told me they don’t offer liability insurance to musicians; only to music teachers. I’m going to keep pursuing it and will let you know if I’m able to find an insurance company that offers it.

    Sylvia on #187967

    I’m wondering why they would require it. Do they also require it of bands? What types of venues are they? Are you there for an extended stay as in an opera pit? All the other percussion would be there also.

    Debbie on #187970

    It’s just a wedding venue. The banquet manager said they require all outside vendors to provide proof of liability insurance. They must have had an incident. I guess it’s in case someone trips over my amp or something. It doesn’t seem necessary for a harpist but in this day and age you never know.

    Brenda Street on #187971

    Debbie, I’ve just been through the same thing, and I did manage to find the right insurance. I was hired to play an open house on the 17th floor of a large office building here in Atlanta. Was advised by client that I would need to use the (dreaded) loading dock to move the harp and other things in. She then told me that the building management company needed an “ACORD Certificate” from me as proof of general liability insurance. (I had never before in my whole, long career been asked for this.) I have homeowners and auto insurance thru The Hartford. They told me they weren’t able to provide this type of insurance. So after much internet research, I found a company that does issue policies for performers. It’s “Sadler & Company, Inc.” They are the agent for “Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.” I paid $215.00 for a one-year policy, and I now have an ACORD Certificate showing that I am insured as a professional musician(harpist) for $1,000,000 each occurrence. (Think that’s enough? Whew.) This seems to be the industry standard as proof of insurance for what we do. I hope this is of some help to you.
    Phone: 800.622.7370

    DianaRowan on #187972

    I generally just get a 1-day vendor liability policy for $50 through:

    Dominique Capper
    DHC Insurance, LLC.
    P.O. Box 948
    Warrenville, IL. 60555
    (888) 288-1829
    FAX (630) 393-5666

    I’ve done it maybe 4 times in my career, so it’s still more cost-effective than getting yearly coverage unless you are going to be hired on an ongoing basis by the venue.

    Sylvia on #187976

    How silly. I never thought of myself as a menace to anyone when I’m out playing. I would just decline the job ..telling the site and the wedding couple I don’t have that kind of insurance, and I think it’s an unreasonable requirement….and refer it to another harpist.

    DianaRowan on #187977

    Actually, I have had someone trip over my harp and fall flat on their face, so it’s not such an outlandish request, even though it’s unusual.

    Sylvia on #187978

    I getcha…like tripping on an extension cord. I still wouldn’t…unless it gets to be a universal thing …then I would have to.
    Your story reminded me of a brunch I had in the 80s. They had the food set up next to a fountain, and it was obvious which side of the food table to be on, but this lady, dressed in her Sunday finest, tottered up on her high heels on the OTHER side, the ledge right next to the fountain. She slid off, and there was a tremendous splash. Fortunately, I was out of range. She was soaked from head to toe and made her way out of the place to go home and dry out. I doubt if she thought of a lawsuit against the place. I think only her pride was hurt. Everyone was trying not to laugh because it was like slapstick comedy.

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