L&H Ogden owners unite

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    unknown-user on #160890

    Hi, I have just bought a L&H Ogden harp and I would like to share with other owners, what music they

    mel-l on #160891

    Hi, I also bought a L&H Ogden and I love it. I have been playing for a couple of months and I play classical music. I think this harp is very good and has a great sound and is not too expensive.

    Enjoy !


    rod-c on #160892


    Two friends of mine recently bought Ogdens. They are thrilled with them—they like both the sound and the ease with which they can move them around!!

    Glad you’re happy with yours!

    Rod C.

    andy-b on #160893

    I’ve got an Ogden also. It’s a very nice little harp, balances easily, and with quite a good sound. I have to admit I’m thinking about selling it, because I primarily play my pedal harp, and I would really like to have a spare pedal harp. But

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #160894

    Can I get a stick base, so I can play harp-on-a-stick at the Minnesota State Fair?

    jennifer-buehler on #160895

    To go with your cheese on a stick?

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #160896

    No spillage that way. 🙂


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