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    unknown-user on #163636

    Last year I rried to sell my fairly new harp, but because L&H don’t transfer the warranty, no one would buy it.

    catherine-rogers on #163637

    Warranties on pedal harps are usually five years, although I have heard it’s three years on some of the smaller ones. One doesn’t usually consider warranty in the matter of resale any more than for an automobile.

    If a prospective buyer thinks lack of warranty is a deal-breaker, tell him or her to buy a new harp. People don’t usually refuse to buy a harp they really like just because of lack of warranty unless they suspect a potential repair problem or they’re chronic worriers. (I’m not implying there’s anything wrong with your harp.)

    It’s highly unlikely your harp would require warranty work in the first five years. You could tell an interested buyer to have the harp checked out by a qualified harp technician to put his or her mind at ease. Maybe the buyer used the warranty issue as an excuse. You never know with some people.

    Tacye on #163638

    Warranties are one of the reasons used harps are less expensive than new ones.

    unknown-user on #163639

    Thanks Catherine for your intelligent response. It has made me feel better.

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