Lewis Creek Nightingale- advice/do you have this harp?

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    katewilde on #255787

    I’ll soon be replacing my SE walnut Fullsicle with a Lewis Creek Nightingale harp in cherry. I put a deposit down, and then it’s supposed to take 5 months or so for it to be built. Does anyone have experience with Nightingales?

    I can barely find any clips of it being played on YouTube (though Carolin Nobles has several which have been very helpful). If you find any clips or have any of your own, please share!

    I have a L&H Prelude 38 for my usual playing, but will be using a small harp for therapeutic music in hospitals & hospices once I finish my CMCP. My Fullsicle is okay, but the levers don’t tune exactly on pitch and I keep having to regulate it myself. (Which I barely know how to do, hahah). Also, the string spacing seems overly narrow and the bass response is lacking. I hope the Nightingale will be an improvement over this!

    If you have any experience with Lewis Creek harps, let me know! I’m hoping I made a good decision.

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