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    unknown-user on #88627

    I am a neophyte looking to purchase my first harp and I have experienced some controversy as to whether I should start out with a lever harp (say a L&H Prelude) or a pedal harp.

    unknown-user on #88628

    If you are looking at buying a full-size lever harp or pedal harp, since a lever harp is as much as 50% of a small pedal harp, I don’t think they are worth it if you want the range and flexibility of a pedal harp. If you can get a lever harp for under $2,000 then it is reasonable, but if you’re spending $5,000, why not go for 9 or 10 thousand and get pedals? It’s kind of like spending on a fancy bike or buying a car, except it’s not. But then, what do you want from it? For a child who wants to spend their life playing, it makes more sense to invest in a harp that will always be useful such as a smaller pedal harp, than a lever harp they will outgrow musically in two or three years, if they want to play classically or commercially. I am not putting down lever harps, so please don’t be riled up.

    unknown-user on #88629


    thanks for responding.

    unknown-user on #88630

    As Oliver Hardy might say, “you certainly can!” I would check the resale value carefully on the Prelude. If you lose a thousand dollars between buying it and selling it a year later, you could just rent one, no? If you’re going into debt anyway, why not go whole hog? But then, it’s your money.

    erin-wood on #88631

    I usually don’t recommend for students to go out and purchase a pedal harp first thing.

    unknown-user on #88632

    It depends what you want from playing harp.

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